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Paradise Road

Author: Tracy GaudetTags: Categories: Date: Sep 20 2015

Do you think the filmaker was able to pay appropriate respect and tribute to the women who survived this capture?

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Marvin's Room

Author: Tracy GaudetTags: family, death, FilmCategories: Date: Sep 20 2015

How do families fall apart and why is it so difficult to put them back together?

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Author: Tracy GaudetTags: animated, Family Films, message filmsCategories: Date: Sep 20 2015

Which message spoke to you the most, love amidst chaos and tribulations, or the unrelenting and self destructing greed of man? Was it surprising to find such deep topics hidden in a animated film?

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The Blind Side

Author: Tracy GaudetTags: Categories: Catholic FilmsDate: Sep 13 2015

Why do you think Micheal was able to remain peaceful in a world that was not?

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The Miracle Maker

Author: Tracy GaudetTags: jesus, claymation, christian animationCategories: Catholic FilmsDate: Sep 13 2015

Do you think the story of Jesus Christ was successfully made accessible for all ages with this film?

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