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Marvin's Room

Author: Tracy GaudetTags: family, death, FilmCategories: Date: Sep 20 2015

How do families fall apart and why is it so difficult to put them back together?

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Author: Tracy GaudetTags: Film, faithCategories: Catholic FilmsDate: Sep 06 2015

Do you agree that "doubt" is most certainly at odds with "faith"?

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The Painted Veil

Author: Tracy GaudetTags: edward norton, Film, loveCategories: Catholic FilmsDate: Sep 06 2015

Was Walter's ultimatum purely for punishment, or do you think it served a deeper purpose?

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The Keys to the Kingdom

Author: Tracy GaudetTags: missionaries, christian films, FilmCategories: Catholic FilmsDate: Jun 14 2015

Why do you think Father Francis Chisholm was so successful at winning the villagers’ respect, and able to have his mission prosper?

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The Shoes of The Fisherman

Author: Tracy GaudetTags: Film, pope, christian filmsCategories: Date: Jun 14 2015

Do you believe that the church can adapt itself to modernity without losing touch with it's religious roots?

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